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The Huffington Post: Korematsu, Trump and Banality of Evil

Monday was Fred Korematsu’s birthday. The brave twenty-three year old who in 1942 refused to be interned by the U.S. government alongside 120,000 other Japanese Americans has been on my mind. It is not simply because he was the featured doodle for Google. And not just because Trump’s executive orders to ban individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries— evoking Executive Order 9066 challenged by Korematsu — have been in the news. I have been thinking about him because an incident from my own past has been haunting me.

Montreal Gazette: Google Doodle honours Fred Korematsu, who fought president’s executive order on Japanese internment

Monday, as Google honors civil rights leader Fred Korematsu through its home-page Doodle, some of the most memorable words about the man and his actions — he once defied a president’s executive order that was rooted in ethnic prejudice — can be found on the White House’s own website:

NBC News: Civil Rights Icon Korematsu, Who Challenged Internment, Honored with Google Doodle

Civil rights activist Fred Korematsu was honored with a Google Doodle on Monday to mark the 98th anniversary of his birth.

COLORLINES: Google Doodle Honors Civil Rights Activist Fred Korematsu

As the Trump Administration seeks to restrict entry into the United States via travel bans and border walls and proposed Muslim registries, Google used its Google Doodle today (January 30) to celebrate an activist who put his life on the line for immigrant rights.

NBC Miami: 'This is Not Right': Daughter of Civil Rights Activist Fred Korematsu on Trump Travel Ban

Google is celebrating the late Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu as its Google Doodle on Monday, paying tribute to the Oakland-born civil rights activist who refused to go to the government’s incarceration camps for Japanese Americans.