Farhana Khera

The Pioneer: Oakland honors Fred T. Korematsu

If Google features you on their internet page logo, you must be a big deal.

The internet search engine company did just that on Monday when it honored Japanese Civil Rights activist Fred T. Korematsu on the day dedicated to him, Jan. 30.

Fred Korematsu Day Honors Civil Rights Leader

Fred Korematsu Day Honors Civil Rights Leader

SAN FRANCISCO--On Saturday, the Fred T. Korematsu Institute honored the late Fred T. Korematsu, with the 6th Annual Fred Korematsu Day celebration at the Herbst Theatre. Korematsu famously fought against the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII, and this year's celebration, titled "Re(ad)dressing Racial Injustice: From Japanese American Incarceration to Anti-Muslim Bigotry," built upon Korematsu's legacy by connecting the Japanese American WWII experience to urgent issues facing other communities, particularly American Muslims.