The Huffington Post: Portland finally apologizes for role in WWII internments of Japanese Americans. Will Oregonian newspaper follow the lead?

By Lawrence J. Maushard, Contributor

9066, the other WWII number which will live in infamy.

Presidential Executive Order 9066 signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942 set in motion the ethnic cleansing and desert site imprisonment of the entire US Japanese-American population on the West Coast, more than 120,000 innocent men, women and children, US citizens and resident aliens alike, for the duration of WWII.

They were finally released on numerous dates after the end of the war, left to fend for themselves with few resources in many locales still in full-blown racist mode against anyone of Japanese descent, citizens or not.

The legacy of this nightmare chapter in US history continues today, on the 75th anniversary of the first year of the internments, especially in the cities with the initial detention camps, places like Portland, Oregon.

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