Yahoo News: Google Employees Protested Trump's Immigration Ban With A Walk Out

Alyssa Fikse, UPROXX

Resistance to President Trump’s immigration ban on Friday has been loud and clear, with many individuals, politicians, and companies showing their support of America’s history of embracing immigrants. While companies like Lyft and Starbucks were clear in their pro-immigration action (to some backlash), Google initially took a more subtle approach to voicing their dissent with a powerful Google Doodle honoring civil rights activist Fred Korematsu. Korematsu worked tirelessly against the Japanese internment camps from WWII, which many have drawn parallels to with the Trump administration’s treatment of Muslim immigrants. However, Google employees at eight different locations worldwide are mobilizing to show their disgust for the plan with a walk out.

Sharing their voices on social media with the hashtag #GooglersUnite, the protest stemmed from the $2 million dollars (and matched by Google) raised by employees for a fund that would funnel into various organizations that aid refugees. More than 2,000 employees walked out in protest, including many at the Mountain View headquarters.

Speakers at the protest included co-founder and CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin, who speaks from direct experience as an immigrant.

We’ll have to wait and see how long the protest is sustained and how much it affects the work done at Google. However, the biggest question remains:

Not quite as easy as boycotting Starbucks, is it?