MAY 2017

Curriculum Topic: Heart Mountain Incarceration Camp

Lesson Plan Courtesy of: Angela Wang, social studies teacher and Equity and Excellence in Education Certificate graduate at Clarksburg High School, Montgomery County, MD.

Lesson Plan Synopsis: By incorporating this lesson into your units, students will be able to apply the ideas of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke’s social contract to the actions of the Heart Mountain draft resisters in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Students will also determine whether or not legal responsibilities must be followed when the government severs their half of the social contract through the process of analyzing primary and secondary sources regarding the circumstances of Japanese American incarcerees. Students will use their prior knowledge and learned knowledge to corroborate and determine their own stance on the resisters refusing to fulfill their legal responsibilities to the government after being placed in American concentration camps.

Download the May 2017 Lesson Plan here.