Photos: Among all 10 camps, Amache had the highest rate of men and women to volunteer for military service. Here are some who visited their families during WWII. Thirty-one men however, were imprisoned for draft evasion.

MARCH 2017

Curriculum Topic: Amache Japanese American Incarceration Camp

Lesson Plan Courtesy of: David Rapaport, teacher at Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA.

Lesson Plan Synopsis:

Interpreting historical sources requires establishing the frame of reference of the historical actors being studied. This lesson explores an exchange of letters between incarceree Mr. Yamaguchi and Reverend Chanwick over Yamaguchi’s refrigerator. Refrigerators and large appliances were extremely difficult to obtain and maintain, so, a refrigerator in the desert community like Tulare would’ve been a prized item. Yamaguchi wanted to store this item; however Chanwick tried to convince Yamaguchi to let him use a refrigerator that would be collecting dust during WWII.

This exchange of letters deals with the different power positions of the two men, the elasticity of the cultural norms during wartime, and the prejudice and bias that Americans had toward other Americans because of their heritage.

Lesson plan will be available for download in January/February 2017.