We provide free curriculum and educational teaching materials to schools throughout the United States and around the world about Fred Korematsu’s story, and plan on developing our education program further with the help of interns and volunteers from college campuses.


Social Movement History in California Internship
Goal: To develop social movement history tours to educate adults and youth by working in collaboration with Freedom Lifted, a business that organizes tours around the US
* Research sites to visit and speakers to give presentations
* Connect with and compile a list of contacts for these sites
* Develop tour packages for visitors to learn from historic sites and speakers       

Media Resources Internship
Goal: To catalog and archive (as needed) videos, books, news articles, and any other resources related to the Korematsu Institute’s mission. These resources will be posted on the website and used for a future library within the Korematsu Institute’s facility.

Policy and Legislation Internship
Goal: To collect research toward instituting a national Fred Korematsu Day
* Research state congressional calendars for schedule on passing laws (i.e. adopting Fred Korematsu Day as a state day of recognition) and state demographics
* Investigate how other states recognize Fred Korematsu   
Education Program Development Internship
Goal: To foster the creation of educational events and activities to promote awareness of Fred Korematsu’s story in connection with Japanese American Incarceration and other civil rights heroes.

Curriculum Development and Research Internship
Goal:  To research and develop curriculum connecting Fred Korematsu’s story and Asian and Pacific Islander American history with other civil rights heroes (I.e. Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks, etc…).


Please send the following to Education Program Director, Freda Lin at
1. Resume
2. Cover Letter that addresses the following:
    *Which internship are you interested in? Give details to explain why.
    * Give a thoughtful example as to how you would approach and carry out the goals and duties of the internship.


The Korematsu Institute is housed in a progressive community of like-minded social justice non-profit organizations at the Thoreau Center in the Presidio of San Francisco.

Feel free to download a flyer of Korematsu Institute's internship opportunities here.