In 2010, the Governor of California signed the legislative bill establishing Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution on January 30 in perpetuity. This is the first state-wide day in U.S. history named after an Asian American. Korematsu’s growing legacy continues to inspire people across diverse communities and demonstrates the importance of speaking up to fight injustice.

The Fred T. Korematsu Institute is leading efforts to recognize Fred Korematsu in other states and also achieve a national Fred Korematsu Day to honor his legacy as a civil rights hero for all Americans. Since 2010 Hawaii, Virginia and Florida have also established a day of recognition in honor of Fred Korematsu’s fight for justice and the importance of upholding our civil liberties and the Constitution.

States that have recognized Fred Korematsu Day in perpetuity:


  • Governor issued a proclamation recognizing Fred Korematsu in January 2013
  • Legislative bill signed in June 2013 - Civil Liberties and the Constitution honoring Fred Korematsu

Virginia – legislative bill signed in February 2015
Florida – legislative bill signed in March 2015

States that have recognized FKD by Proclamation:

Utah – issued 2013
Illinois – issued 2014
Georgia – issued 2014
South Carolina – issued 2015
Pennsylvania – issued 2014
Michigan – issued in 2014 and 2015
– issued 2018

States that Have Legislative Bills in Committee:


Other Recognitions:

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 2015: letter to President Obama to request January 30th as a federal holiday to recognize National Fred Korematsu Day.

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