APRIL 2017

Curriculum Topic: Gila River Incarceration Camp

Lesson Plan Courtesy of: Lesson Plan Courtesy of Andy Grayson.

Lesson Plan Synopsis: This series of lessons asks students to explore a variety of texts that uncover the experiences of persons of Japanese ancestry at the Gila River incarceration camp. In 1943, Eleanor Roosevelt visited the Gila River incarceration camp, and the War Relocation Authority used photographs of her visit as propaganda for the existence of the camp.  Students will use this photograph as an anchor text that will stimulate discussion and critical thinking. Students will travel to inquiry centers and inquire about specific pieces of evidence that highlight the living conditions and experiences of those who were forcibly removed from their homes as a result of Executive Order 9066. Throughout these lessons, the teacher will act as a facilitator that promotes student curiosity, interactively asking open-ended questions that lead students to reach new understanding, rather than explicitly telling them. The inquiry style will guide students to uncover the material, offering students the power to control of the direction of the discussion. These lessons will give students the background knowledge and emotional understanding to develop a personalized address for Eleanor Roosevelt and Dillon Myer during a simulated meeting at Gila River from the perspective of a person who was incarcerated at the camps.

Lesson plan will be available for download in January/February 2017.